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Top 5 Best Honda CRV Roof Box


There are endless types of roof boxes available on the market. If you have an SUV, sedan, or across the back, you will easily find a roof cargo box for your car. As with the cars, roof cargo boxes also come with various designs, sizes, and different price tags. You can even find a roof box that is perfect for you if you are on a tight budget.

Many roof boxes are specially designed for a type of car. So if you have a Honda CRV, you can easily find a perfect roof cargo box for your car. Many of these roof boxes are universal also. So they will fit with any SUV car. Many roof boxes are also available in different colors, so you can choose the color that matches your Honda CRV color.

Here you will find some of the best roof boxes for SUVs, such as the Ford Explorer, which are available on the market today.

1. Thule Vector Roof Box

Thule Vector Rooftop Cargo

The Thule Vector is an elegant, stylish design with seamless integration of the lid, and the base adds a distinctive look to any car. It is made with a smooth and aerodynamic design capable of storing up to 165lbs of gear. The Vector fits 3-5 sets of skis, has felt-lined storage, motion-activated LED lights for better visibility at night, flush-mount closure for included security, double side opening to access equipment from either side of the vehicle, and also a strengthened lid.

The sleek and also modern Thule Vector rooftop cargo box finds balance in power through function! It looks great on any type of roofline while storing and transporting things securely on top of your vehicle.

  • Dual-Side Opening: The reinforced lid makes for a smooth, effortless dual-sided opening and closing.
  • The rear of Vehicle Access: Full trunk gain access to with minimal danger of contact with the cargo box, thanks to its forward setting on the car roof.
  • Secure SlideLock System: The SlideLock system with different locking and opening features automatically secures the lid in place and shows when the box is closed securely.
  • PowerClick Quick-Mount System: Easy to install to the PowerClick quick-mount system. The integrated torque indicator clicks when it’s correctly installed, ensuring quick and protection suitably.
  • Premium Interior: A premium interior with integrated lighting and a felt-lined base for increased gear protection enhances the user experience.
  • Built-in LED-Light: A white-colored interior of the lid combined with a LED light facilitates loading and unloading at night.
Thule Vector Rooftop Cargo Box, Alpine, Black Metallic

Thule Vector Rooftop Cargo Box, Alpine, Black Metallic

  • A sleek, aerodynamic cargo box with premium features that compliments the styling of modern vehicles
  • Fits 3-5 pairs of skis (up to 200 cm in length)/3-4 Snowboards
  • Premium felt-lined interior base for increased protection of gear
  • Bright, motion-activated LED lights and white interior allow for visibility during nighttime use
  • Exclusive flush-mount closure and reinforced lid provides effortless, dual-side opening and closing


2. Yakima RocketBox Pro Cargo Box:

Yakima RocketBox Pro

This roof box is designed for smaller vehicles. But if you want, then you will be able to use it for larger vehicles also. You will be able to use Yakima RocketBox Pro with or without any roof racks.

The Yakima RocketBox Pro is available with its mounting kit. So, if you want, you will install it with the crossbar and mounting equipment provided by the box, or you can use your roof rack. Moreover, you don’t have to use any tool to fit this box on your vehicle’s roof. So, installing and removing processes are so easy for it.

The Yakima RocketBox Pro is available with dual-side access and opens with two sets of keys. Also, It’s available with SKS locks and a push-button lock system to secure this roof box. If you want to open it, you have to push the button, and if you’re going to shut it, you have to press the roof of the roof box. 

It’s available with a matte black finish. It can resist air, so this will help you to get less drag and more gas mileage. You can buy this roof box for around $350. This roof box is excellent for those people who are looking for a perfect and specious roof box at a reasonable price. This rooftop cargo box can carry anything as long as seven feet.

YAKIMA - RocketBox Pro Compact Rooftop Cargo Box for Smaller Cars, 12 (adds 12 cubic ft. of storage)

YAKIMA – RocketBox Pro Compact Rooftop Cargo Box for Smaller Cars, 12 (adds 12 cubic ft. of storage)

  • Aerodynamic design to reduce drag with forward mounting hardware for improved hatch clearance making it great for small vehicles
  • Perfect for smaller cars, hatchbacks and SUVs; Hauls gear for up to 2 campers
  • Quick-dial mounting hardware fits Yakima round, square, factory and most aerodynamic bars
  • Love it ‘Till You Leave It Limited Lifetime Warranty


3. Yakima Showcase Cargo Box:

Yakima ShowCase

The Yakima Showcase Cargo Box comes in various sizes starting from 15 cubic feet, and the largest size is 20 cubic feet. But every unit of this roof cargo box comes with the same build quality. The build quality of this box is excellent, and it can keep your stuff safe inside the box.

This Yakima roof box can give you an excellent roof clearance on your Honda Odyssey. So you don’t have to worry about your roof of the car being damaged. The metal clamps and very soft molded finish of this box keep your roof safe from being damaged.

The design of this roof box is aerodynamic, and it helps you to get a good fuel economy.

This roof cargo box can give you access from both sides. Its dual-side opening makes it easier to load and unload things from it. This cargo box is very durable also.

YAKIMA - ShowCase, Aerodynamic Rooftop Cargo Space for Larger Vehicles, Wagons & SUVs, 15,...

YAKIMA – ShowCase, Aerodynamic Rooftop Cargo Space for Larger Vehicles, Wagons & SUVs, 15,…

  • 15 cubic feet of cargo space is an ideal fit for larger vehicles, wagons and CUVs; Maximum Ski / Snowboard length: 180 cm
  • High-gloss automotive quality finish highlights a distinctively modern aesthetic; Dual-sided opening provides quick and easy access from either side of your vehicle
  • Easy, intuitive push-button latch holds tight to keep gear safe; Internal lid stiffeners improve hatch durability, ease opening and closing; Tapered tail provides excellent tailgate clearance
  • Fits round, aerodynamic, factory and square crossbars; SKS Locks included for added security
  • Also available in QuickSilver color; Made in the USA


4. Rhino-Rack MasterFit Roof Box

Rhino Rack MasterFit Roof

If you are looking for something to transport snow skis or fishing equipment, the Rhino-Rack MasterFit roof box can be a great option for you. It is compatible with Ford Explorer SUV as well as many other SUVs also. It is made out of sturdy ABS plastic, and it comes with a sleek design that really looks great. The design also helps the roof box to resist drags and save your fuel bill.

The roof box allows you to “twist to tighten and press to lock,” making it very easy to use. It is very easy to install also. It comes with all the hardware.

Finding a roof cargo box for an SUV is not a big deal. Many roof boxes are universal so that they can fit with any type of SUV car. You should consider the weight because it will let you know that it will fit your vehicle.

Rhino Rack MasterFit Roof Box 440L Black RMFT440

Rhino Rack MasterFit Roof Box 440L Black RMFT440

  • Notes: Opening Available On Both Sides With Key Included, It Is The Perfect Solution For Transporting: Excess Gear, Camping Equipment
  • The minimum crossbar spacing required is 620mm and the maximum is 930mm., Masterfit Technology Allows For Quick And Easy Setup
  • The maximum roof load of your car as specified by the car manufacturer must not be exceeded. The total roof load consists of; the weight of the Roof box, the weight of the roof racks and the weight of the Roof box contents., 440l Capacity And Long Enough To Carry Most Outdoor Equipment, Prams/strollers, Wakeboards, Golf Clubs
  • Made From Tough And Durable Materials. (Abs/asa = Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene / Acrylic Styrene Acrylonitrile), 2x Metal Reinforcement Profiles Under The Bottom Of The Box, Comes With 2 Load Securing Straps, Skis And Snowboards (Length Under 1870mm), And Anything Else You Need To Transport
  • Sleek And Aerodynamically Designed To Reduce Wind Drag


5. Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Box

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

The Thule Motion XT is a perfect example of a sleek, aerodynamic, modern roof box. According to its size and storage capacity, it is perfect. For this fantastic combination, the Thule Motion XT is one of today’s best roof boxes.

You can get this roof box unit in both 16-foot and 22-foot. And its interior dimensions are 79 x 31.5 x 15.  The 22-foot long variant is the more extended variant for roof boxes; it will be easy to fit safely on large vehicle roofs. 

As we mentioned before, this box can give you access to both sides. So it will be easy to load or unload anything in it without any trouble. Also, you can use it in unfavourable weather conditions easily. It can easily stay in place when the weather is wet or snowy because it has a superior grip system.

It is so handy and easy to use. And it is available with an easy mounting system. With its mounting system, you will be able to install this roof box within five minutes. Also, it’s sturdy and functional with a locking system. If you accidentally leave your roof box unlocked, that locking system can keep your roof box secured. It has a smooth and aesthetic design.

The Thule Motion XT can bear 165 lbs. without any problem. In terms of safety, It is compatible with the One Key System, making it much easier to lock your roof box and keep your stuff safe. If you want to go on trips frequently with your roof box, then this one could be an excellent choice for you.

Some of the other attractive advantages featured by Thule Motion XT are:

  • A glossy white and black finish
  • A lightweight fiberglass body
  • Robust construction helps to keep your stuff safe.
  • Enough storage space for an average of five to seven skis or three to five snowboards

The Thule Motion XT will cost you nearly $800. But remember that; you will get what you are paying for, one of the best quality roof boxes. Moreover, you will carry skis or anything this kind of long stuff with this roof box.


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