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Best VW Golf Roof Cargo Box (UPDATED 2022)


Volkswagen is the most efficient car for traveling long trips but has a limited storage capacity. But its storage capacity can be enhanced by installing a vw golf roof box on the roof. 

Volkswagen is one of the best selling cars across the United States and Europe. Its spacious durable interior, driver assistance features and high performance make it a perfect car for long trips. You can use Volkswagen for out of town vacations, camping and hiking. Despite all such great features, the car offers limited storage for carrying essential luggage. 

The rooftop carrier for vw golf is specifically designed to facilitate car owners with extra storage. These rooftop boxes ensure safe carriage of luggage and help to transport a variety of sports gear. A roof box not only enhances the storage but offers the maximum capacity to take your belongings. It will prevent clogging inside the car and gives enough space inside.

Volkswagen rooftop carriers can be expensive and depend on your need and choice as well. You must consider design, material, fitting and their capacity to withstand resistance and air pressure. A decent rooftop can be inexpensive, easy to mount on the roof of the car and store things in an organized fashion. The rooftop carriers vary in weight and size, some are compatible with vw golf while others don’t. 

There are plenty of options for rooftop carriers ranging from cheap to expensive ones. If you own a Volkswagen Golf and want to invest in the rooftop boxes, then you must know which rooftop box is best for your car. If you are not sure about the right roof box, our rundown on roof boxes will help you to make the right choice. 

Check out the most efficient and functional roof top carriers for vw golf as below:-

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

If you need a spacious and large carrier for your car roof, then this is a highly recommended cargo carrier for Volkswagen. The 16 cubic feet container is more than enough for the storage needs of all your family. It is stylish and easy to use, a carrier that fits on the top of the car. 

The versatile cargo box is made of fiberglass, making it lightweight and doesn’t make any noise on highways. It gives Volkswagen golf an impressive look and is much easier to install. The carrier holds the aerodynamic design and minimizes resistance at high speed. 

The carrier helps to deliver maximum efficiency and offers full functionality with its various features. It makes an excellent travel companion for the whole family on a cross country trip. Whether you are traveling in freezing weather or moving in the rain, Thule Motion XT keeps your luggage safe. 

The carrier incorporates a secure slide lock system that secures your luggage and locks the box quickly. The box facilitates users with dual side openings that let them open and close on either side of the vehicle. Its grip-friendly handles support in easy lifting. 

Its powerful, quick-mount system fits the racks of Volkswagen and takes less than 5 minutes to install. Thule empowers users with a broader range of choice with its XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier and let them pick the color of their choice. The carrier box comes in four variations allowing car owners to fulfill their storage needs. 

The product has internal dimensions of 84.5 x 33 x 16 inches that is enough for all packaging needs. The carrier can easily carry 5-7 pairs of skis and 3-5 snowboards along with other luggage. 


  • Thule offers a lifetime warranty for its carriers
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Perfect for carrying random sports gear


  •  Overall good but pricey


Yakima RocketBox Pro 14 Rooftop Cargo Box


Yakima RocketBox Pro 14 makes another choice for Volkswagen owners to carry their luggage comfortably on a trip. It’s quite roomy, spacious, and can haul for large camping gear. This box sits on a roof of plenty of vehicles. It is quite functional, sturdy, and waterproof. All such features make it a top choice for storage at an affordable price.

Yakima RocketBox Pro cargo box is a multi-sport box that fits on hatchbacks, SUVs, and wagons. RocketBox Pro 14 cubic feet of storage makes traveling hassle-free and effortless. This cargo box’s aerodynamic design reduces drag and improves the clearance, making it the best rooftop box for the small cars. It can accommodate gear on the rooftop for up to 03 campers at a time. 

We recommend RocketBox Pro 14 due to its easy access with the help of pushbuttons, and its dual side openings make it comfortable to use. The box uses SKS lock cores to make your equipment secure. The carrier facilitates carrying snowboards and skis up to 180cm. 

This is the best cargo box to haul plenty of gears for long drives. It carries a sleek look, matte finish, and textured body that makes your car look good. It has a weight of 38 pounds, comes in dimensions of 74 x 33 x 16 inches. 

The best thing I like about Yakima is the excellent customer service; if you have any issue after-sale, you can contact the customer support. The roof box doesn’t obstruct the back trunk when opened. 

It’s durable construction, easy handling, and design facilitate the transportation of random gears and luggage. This is precisely the best box for carrying for skis and snowboards. Get the Yakima Rocketbox Pro 14 for all your family needs at a low price. 


  • Universal Roof Rack Fit
  • Offers Better hatchback clearance
  • Long-lasting


  • It comes in fragile packaging

SportRack Vista XL Rear Opening Cargo Box

SportRack Vista XL is a massive carrier that can pack all the luggage and sports gear altogether. It helps to master the art of packing and offers plenty of room for packaging. The Vista XL black box fits most factory racks, whether round or square shape bars. It is effortless to mount and remove the box on the top of the roof without any tools. It comes with U-bolts that hold it tight and keep it in a secure position. Although its large size takes some time to mount it on the top of your car. 

The box’s aerodynamic design and angled contours let it easily cut through the air and reduce friction when moving on a car. The box perfectly seals and doesn’t allow water to enter the box while keeping the things safe. This cargo box offers a rear lid opening making it secure and managing your luggage frequently. 

It supports a maximum weight capacity of 100 pounds at the lowest price compared to similar market models. Unlike other cargo boxes, it doesn’t come with a two-side opening rather a rear opening for easy access. Its locking mechanism and arms keep it to work in a fantastic position. The box carries ABS construction that enhances its longevity. Its UV-resistant material makes it easy to clean and maintain. 

SportRack comes at the best price of this size of cargo and quality. The box has dimensions 64.17″ x 40″ x 18.89″, making it the widest box on the market. The box comes pre-assembled and doesn’t need any more assembling. Just mount it on the top of the roof and allow more space to the travelers. 


  • Spacious and Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best for a big family


  • Need two persons to fit the box

Pro-Series 63150 Bullet Box

Pro Series bullet box is a standard sized 13-inch rooftop cargo box designed to hold gear up to 110 pounds. The box allows you to put all of your items out of your car and place them on the top of your roof. It is the best roof cargo box for vw golf and is compatible with most roof racks. 

The box has durable construction with ABS material that makes it resistant to extreme temperature, rain and snow. The box uses UV inhibitors that prevent the fading of color even in tough weather conditions. The box uses U-bolts to clamp across the crossbar for a secure fit and to hold the box tightly even at high speed. It makes it easy to carry the box and fit on the roof. 

It saves a lot of space for passengers and pets and allows you to place your luggage on the top of the roof. Its aerodynamic boat-like shape which helps to reduce drag and noise when you are on the road. The box carries an integrated lock to ensure your luggage is secure in the box. 

The box provides plenty of rear hatchback for most vehicles. The box has dimensions 72 x 17 x 24 inches and 110 lbs weight capacity enough for the entire luggage. The box has plenty of partitions inside it, allowing users to put all the accessories in the box and adjust the luggage. It is effortless to mount the box on the top of the roof and install the box with essential tools. 

Pro Series 63150 is the popular choice on the market, which takes away worries of carrying sports gear and luggage on vacation trips. 


  • All weather compatible
  • Secure and easy to assemble
  • Affordable and convenient storage


  •  Little pricey, but overall good

Car Top Cargo Rooftop Storage Box

Car Top Cargo introduces a fantastic, smooth and functional storage box for travelers. It helps to carry sports equipment, camping gear, and other types of luggage. This rooftop storage box has 18 cubic feet of storage that is enough to take skis and snowboards on highways. This rooftop box features an aerodynamic design having dimensions 57″ L x 39″ x 19″ H. 

The box can carry weight up to 110lbs. The box comes at an affordable price, durable and lasting to use. It allows carrying a range of sports gear on long journeys safely. The box comes with universal clamps that work for most roof rack systems like round, aero, square and factory roofs. 

This storage box fits certain vehicles and is easy to install. It offers 22 inches maximum crossbar spread, making it suitable for cars with raised rails flush-mounted roof racks. The storage boxes feature two locks on the same side to better grip and open up with a single key. It comes with clamps on both sides of the box coupled with clips that enables closing them tightly. 

Unlike the other car top boxes, this rooftop box opens from the passenger side only. The box equips struts that keep it open for placement of luggage and sports equipment. It gives enough room for the luggage and saves plenty of space for the passengers inside the car. It is the best roof cargo box for vw golf at such a low price. 

Car Top Cargo box comes with tool-free installation and makes an excellent choice for the Volkswagen owners. The roof box doesn’t have any issue with the car’s rear truck and provides enough clearance to open the vehicle’s trunk. 


  • Highly efficient and durable
  • Plenty of room to carry
  • Affordable and easy to assemble


  • It has enough weight

If you want a mid-range, efficient and sturdy car rooftop carrier, then Yakima RocketBox Pro 14 is the best choice you can opt. For a large extra large space and storage box, SportRack Vista XL is the best and affordable choice for you. There are plenty of viable solutions when it comes to picking a vw golf roof box. Each box carries different features making one brand preferable over another. You need to focus on quality, durability, and ease of installation when comparing other rooftop carriers. 

Our list of recommendations is based on affordability, ease of use, and rooftop boxes’ performance. You can buy any of them that seem suitable and come in your budget.  Most of these boxes are from reputable manufacturers, and you don’t need to worry about the boxes’ quality. These boxes carry most features that a buyer finds in the desired box. These all boxes fit on the roof of a Volkswagen. 


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