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Best Kia Sorento Roof Cargo Box


Kia Sorento is an adorable car that will make you feel comfortable while you are on a road trip, but we must mention that, if you want to carry your stuff, you may end up very uncomfortable you will not have enough space for all of your luggage and gear. This is where the Kia Sorento roof box comes in handy.

You might find this strange, since the Sorento model is such a big car, so it might be hard to imagine that with owning this lovely car you would ever need a roof box.

Imagine the following situation, you are embarking on a trip with a car full of friends, so you will probably carry more luggage than you can imagine. So you have two options, leaving your luggage or put all of your and your friend’s luggage in a roof box.

Well, instead of leaving behind the stuff that you need, you can simply buy the best roof cargo box for Kia Sorento that will guarantee you extra storage space.

First, check how much extra space you need, and of course, which items are the most important to you and your family. Then you can seek the best roof top carrier for Kia Sorento.

More than ten years ago, somewhere between 2002 – 2009, Kia produced two main models of the Sorento – one with roof rail and one without roof rails. So, if your car does not have a roof rail, then you will probably need a roof rack as well. But it is not very important, because you can also buy cargo boxes that don’t require a roof rack. Since 2015, this brand name, has a solid integrated roof rack, so now the only thing that you need to do is to choose a box that fits on to these.

Keep reading and find out more about the best roof cargo box for Kia Sorento

Thule Motion XT XXL Cargo Carrier

Thule always manufactures secure and safe cargo carriers, and their Thule Motion XT XXL Cargo Carrier is one of them. This useful cargo carrier is a large, aerodynamic, and classy roof-mounted box that is simple to use, and quite frankly, looks very fashionable, as well! This roomy box has a 610L volume (equal to 22 cubic feet), so it can easily store all the luggage that you could ever need.

On the other hand, if you think that this cargo box is too big, you can always choose smaller capacity boxes. The 16 cubic feet or the 18 cubic feet boxes might be more appropriate. Besides the fact that you can buy smaller size cargo carriers, we always recommend you to buy XXL cargo carrier, because you never know if the next time you will need to carry more luggage than now. 

Maybe one of the best things about this box is the fact that it is easy and simple to open and close in all types of weather conditions, thanks to grip-friendly outer, which supports lid-lifters. This carrier comes with loads of space, about 165 lbs, isn’t that amazing?

If you decide to buy this type of cargo carrier, you should be proud of its optimized design for best space adeptness, aerodynamics, and of course, car fit. Before you buy it, ask the seller you show you its extra-wide PowerClick easy-mount system, which makes it quick to mount. Always have in mind that the integrated torque indicator clicks when it is correctly mounted, and it guarantees fast and safe fitting. 

To sum up, Thule Motion XT XXL Cargo carrier’s volume is 22 cu ft. It is very spacious (165 lb) with internal dimensions 84.5 x 33 x 16 in. When you see this carrier from the outside, it looks even bigger due to its external dimension 91.5 x 37.5 x 18 in.

Goplus Cargo Box

Goplus Cargo Box has a smaller size than the Thule carrier, and you might find it small for your Sorento’s roof. Its size is 63″ x 31″ x 15″ and it weighs only 25lbs. Therefore, it is a very practical box for going to the sports field, to the beach, or your favorite park with your family or friends. People choose this cargo box because it can be used for any place you go, and it has 14 cubic feet of storage space, enough to fit all of your stuff when you go on a trip.

Car owners agree that this box can be used for everyday purposes, and it can increase the car’s cargo space without obstructing on travelers’ comfort. Moreover, Goplus Cargo Box is very safe and secure during your travels due to its strong metal lid stiffeners at the bottom. 

It is extremely durable because it is made of ABS and super-strong plastic.

Manufacturers of Goplus feel proud to say that their brand is equipped with four quick connect anchors, which makes the box very easy to mount. Yes, it is so simple and easy to install that you will not even use additional tools.

If you think about buying this lovely product, don’t forget that it is suitable for cars with rack.

Another cool feature is the super latch security, which guarantees your gear and valuables are safe. Additionally, this product has a dual-sided opening, which makes it easy to open and close on either side of your car.

Besides the fact that it is lighter than other cargo boxes, it is great for all weather conditions, and it can load 165 lbs capacity. 

If you want to invite your best friends in your vehicle and put your gear into a roof carrier that can carry all of your luggage, the Goplus is an excellent choice.

Yakima Skybox 21

When we talk about the best Kia Sorento roof box, we must mention Yakima Skybox 21. It is a solid carrier but unfortunately has a smaller size, which will limit your stuff. It has a volume of 21 cubic feet, and its load limit is 34 lbs. 

This cargo box is similar to the Thule in many aspects. This cargo box also features a super latch and has a dual-sided opening for smoother opening and closing of the box. 

The SkyBox 21 comes with 21 cu ft of space that can be used for sports equipment or camping gear for up to 4 people. This product has a low-profile design, it is aerodynamic, and the dimpled lid with a texture that reduces wind noise. This carrier box is easy to open and close from either side, and it is designed to ensure clearance when you open your back hatch.

People enjoy using this box because you can install it within a few minutes without even using any additional tools, thanks to its sliding locks, which accommodate most crossbar styles and spreads. It is made of ABS plastic, which prevents cracking, denting, and warping, which makes you a perfect choice for your lovely car.

Yakima Skybox Pro 21 is perfect for carrying gear for 4 to 5 passengers. It is appropriate for carrying skis and snowboards up to 215cm. Its weight is 62 lbs, and its length is 92.00 in. It is 36.00 in wide, and its height is 18.00 in. it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Kia Sorento car owners say that buying the 21 Cu Ft Yakima Skybox is the best thing they have even done, because this product gives lots of extra storage for our long trips, easily connects to the vehicle, and it has an excellent price!

So, what are you waiting for? Get your close friends in your vehicle and your stuff into a Yakima SkyBox 21 and enjoy your trip.

SportRackHorizon XL Cargo Box

The SportRackHorizon XL Cargo Box is an excellent choice for Kia Sorento owners due to its weight of 44 lbs and a volume of 17 cubic feet. This amazing product has quick-mount attachment equipment for fast and easy installation. It is a very useful cargo box since it fits on a square or round bars as well as most factory racks.

This popular cargo box is made from an ABS material that is impact-resistant, making it very durable. It has a slim-line aerodynamic design, and the top box opens on the passenger side of the car that makes this product very easy to use.

The bar does have a set of locking mechanisms to protect your possessions, so you don’t need to step away from your vehicle.

If you like winter sports, you should know that SportRack Horizon XL Roof Cargo Box dimensions are 91.25″ Lenght, 30″ Wide, 17.25″ weight, and 17 cubic feet, so it can carry 3-4 snowboard and 6-8 Pairs of Skis (up to 217 cm). Therefore, this cargo box gives you an extra cargo carrying capacity at a great value. It can be installed fast and conveniently on the vehicle roof and deals for easy storage. We should not forget to mention that this box is protected by its durable, weather-resistant structure, and it can be installed directly to the most original kit and aftermarket crossbars.

We strongly recommend this product because it is one of our favorites. If you don’t go on long journeys and you prefer to take a trip short family trip out-of-town, you should think about buying this box. We are free to say this. Because if you’re not an enthusiastic adventurer but reasonably need something to hold extra luggage for special events. This car roof storage box could be a perfect choice for you.

Rightline Gear Sport Carrier

Talking about a good option for rooftop carriers will not be complete if we do not mention the Rightline Gear Sport Carrier. This brand is a good selection for those who do not have roof rails because it is very light. Yes, this great carrier weighs only 6 lbs.  

However, with this product, you can carry a lot of luggage with you. It comes with four car clips, four attachment strips, a gear bag, and of course, a user guide attached to it.

We have to mention that the brand is easy to mount, and you only need a few minutes for it. Yes, it is simple to use, and the only thing you need to do is to connect the straps to the door frame molding of your Kia Sorento. Moreover, it has a coated zipper that makes it water-resistant and keeps your items dry. The zipper comes with a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. 

So, you can travel without worry this season due to the Rightline Gear® Sports Car Top Carrier because it offers a great way to get your stuff where you are going! It is made with UV Protected PVC Semi-Coated Mesh, so this great carrier is designed to be durable and 100% waterproof. Additionally, it easily attaches to your car and bends down for easy storage in the included gear bag. It has a volume of 9 cu ft, its load capacity is 214 lbs, and its dimensions are 36″ x 30″ x 13-16″.

Well, suppose you need a carrier top that is perfect for transporting stuff for shopping, camping, vacations, and more. In that case, this product is an excellent choice for you. 

Millions of people buy this product every year, but it is up to you to decide whether you are going to choose it for you or not. 

Finding the best Kia Sorento roof box is an individual choice, but we strongly recommend you to choose one of the above-mentioned roof boxes. It doesn’t matter whether you are an enthusiastic adventurer and you need a roomy extra space for a ski trip, or you want to go on a long family trip. You can always find the right roof box that meets your needs. 

You need to pay attention not only to how you will use your future cargo box but also the structure and dimensions, so you can pick the option that will be best for you. 

To help you find the best option for you, we have mentioned some good and bad things for each of the above-explained cargo boxes for the Kia Sorento. 

Take your time and don’t rush to buy a new box for your needs before you check the structure and design of your roof. You need to be sure that there is enough space for the carrier to be placed on top of your car. Remember to check the cargo box weight because this can cause limitations on the amount of gear you can take on your travels.


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