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Best Honda Odyssey Roof Cargo Box


We can all agree that the Honda Odyssey is an excellent car that looks awesome. But there is always room for improvement. One thing you can do to improve your Honda is adding a Honda Odyssey roof box, which is very popular nowadays.

Here are a few reasons why you need a rooftop carrier for Honda Odyssey:

You can carry more luggage, so they are perfect when you’re planning a road trip. Yes, the Honda Odyssey roof box offers much more space for your suitcases, gear, and anything you need to store until you get to your destination. We always need more space, especially when we travel. So, using this practical car accessory, you need to hesitate to take everything you need with you.

Moreover, they provide a safe and secure extra space to store valuables when you are away. Keeping your items inside the carrier is very useful since the items don’t move around while you are on a trip.

Another good thing about these carriers is that they are available in several sizes suitable for different cars. You should not forget that there is a perfect cargo box for every vehicle, and it is up to you to decide which size and which material you will choose to buy.

Well, if this has provided you with enough of a reason to buy a cargo box, you should think about what works with your vehicle and choose the best option for you.

As you already know, choosing the best roof cargo box for Honda Odyssey isn’t always going to be simple and easy. There are hundreds of options on the market, and many of these products are going to seem astonishingly similar. Here are five outstanding options for your consideration.

Thule 623 Force Cargo Box

In order to find the best rooftop cargo bag, you need to check for things like the capacity, design, cost, straps, materials, warranty, and color. So, if you are interested in finding the best option for you, you need to check the following things:

Capacity: It is very important to check out for the appropriate size of the cargo bag that will suit your stuff. The Thule 623 Force Cargo Box features 12 cubic feet of storage space or up to 110 lbs. of cargo. The Thule Force 623 cargo box is the smallest model in the series, providing 12 cubic feet of storage space. This model is also available in four different Thule size categories, so if this particular box is small for your liking, you can easily upgrade.

Material: It is essential to check out for the quality of the material used in manufacturing the bag before you make an order or before you buy it. This cargo box is made out of a durable matte black diamond-textured AeroSkin surface. Constructed from five-layer ABS plastic, with an aerodynamic shape that effectively reduces drag and noise. This box holds up to the toughest weather conditions, whether it’s heavy rain, snow, wind storms, or even heatwaves. We recommend this box because it’s highly durable and waterproof.

Straps: Every rooftop cargo bag has straps to keep it safe on the rooftop. Therefore, you need to check out for a bag that has safe, sturdy straps for additional support. On this cargo box, the height of the crossbar is 15.9 inches. It features a tool-free quick-grip mounting system, allowing you yo attach the box in less than 5 minutes.

Other important things that you need to check before you choose your perfect bag are the cost and, of course, the warranty.

SPORTRACK SR7095 Skyline XL Cargo Box

If you want to go traveling or go out camping, you need to find the best rooftop cargo bag for carrying all your stuff. However, carrier bags are of different dimensions, which indicates that everyone can choose the best size for his/her stuff. You should know that these bags have been designed from heavy-duty and waterproof material, and this promises long-term performances plus protection from rain and UV rays.

You can’t go wrong with the Skyline XL cargo box from SPORTRACK. This roof-mounted box offers 18 cubic feet of space, with a capacity of 110 pounds, and with its high profile, you can store larger items that cannot be compressed. It is compatible with most rack configurations. However, this cargo box does require an assembly. The SportRack Skyline Cargo Box easily attaches to rack system crossbars using simple U-bolts.

One of the coolest features on the Skyline XL Cargo Box is the passenger side oriented lid opening. Once raised, the lid stays open for ease of use, this makes loading and unloading a lot easier and faster. And when closed, the lid overlays the lower section of the box, creating a waterproof seal.

For added protection, the Skyline box provides two locks. This is going to ensure that your cargo is safe and that the box is locked to the roof rack. And for when you are driving in a less than ideal weather conditions, this cargo box features latches at the front and rear, ensuring that the box lid stays closed.

Like most quality cargo boxes, the Skyline cargo box features an aerodynamic shape that’s going to reduce drag and wind noise on your roof. Made from a high-density polyethylene construction, this cargo box is UV resistant, waterproof, and high resistance to impact strikes.

Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box

It doesn’t matter how huge your vehicle is. For a big family, more space is always needed and welcomed.

The Thule Pulse cargo box is a unique one. This carrier is carefully designed for maximum functionality, and it’s very simple to use. The long and spacious cargo box is perfect for carrying outdoor equipment such as skis and snowboards, perfect for long road trips and sporting events.

Tools are not needed for the Pulse rooftop cargo box. It features Easy-Grip hardware. All you need to do is just place the box on your roof, insert the Easy-Grip clamps into the rubber-lined mounting slots, center the clamps over your crossbars, and turn the knobs to tighten them down.

Made out of durable and rugged textured ABS material, this cargo box is long-lasting and helps protect your valuables during transit. You can easily accommodate skis, snowboards, luggage, or your everyday essentials with external dimensions of 67 x 35 x 16 inches and internal dimensions of 61 x 33 x 14 inches.

The Thule Pulse cargo boxes can be used on most rack configurations, including round bars, and most factory racks. If you want to get more out of your car and your journeys, the Thule Pulse Rooftop Cargo Box is the perfect product for you.

This successful company continues to design, modernize, and produce new products that will allow campers and road trippers to take their stuff with them. Thule cargo boxes are sure to help provide drivers with unlimited road trip memories for years to come. That’s why this carrier is the first choice for many drivers.

Yakima Skybox 21 Carbonite Cargo Box

Yakima cargo box is designed to be installed and removed easily with its Quick-release mounting hardware for your additional suitability.

It is made of up to 80% recycled ABS plastic material, engineered with internal lid stiffeners for extra rigidity that offers great protection for your stuff from damage through any weather condition you may face while you are on the road to your next outdoor adventure.

It is improved with a Carbonite texture in order to prevent cracking so you can be sure that your favorite carrier will last for a long time. When it comes to setting up this great cargo carrier on your vehicle, you need to know that the mounting hardware is included in the product packaging in order to eliminate any kind of guesswork.

The Yakima cargo box comes with an aerodynamic design. This design helps reduce wind resistance so you can enjoy ideal fuel efficiency on every road trip. One of the best things about this carrier is that it can easily be Dual-side opening for easy access. This way, you will easily look for the items you need for your favorite activities. The stuff inside the carrier box is safe and secured with the help of an SKS locking system.

The designers made this cargo carrier easily installed without any tools needed to set it up or remove it whenever needed without too much time and without too much effort involved.

This carrier’s size is 21 cubic ft. It has a load capacity of 595 lbs. Therefore, we strongly recommend this American made carrier for you. It is easy to install, it has an aerodynamic carbon design, it is made of recycled ABS plastic material that protects your items in any weather condition, and it provides you with easy access to the items inside the carrier. Well, what else do you need from one rooftop cargo carrier?

Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box XX-Large

We have already mentioned that there are tons of options for rooftop cargo boxes on the market, so you need to be sure of the maximum weight that the box will carry. However, this doesn’t mean that certain products are not going to be able to stand out. If you have already searched for rooftop cargo boxes, then you’ve probably heard of the Thule brand.

Thule offers many different varieties of cargo boxes, including Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box XX-Large – The largest Cargo box Thule made. That’s why we decided to share with you the most important information features about this product to see if it’s worth your time.

After collecting all of the details, it’ll be easy to see if this rooftop cargo box will work well for your vehicle or not. Let’s look at the technical specification. The extra gear capacity (volume) of this cargo box is 22 cu ft (622liters). Its external dimensions are 90.5″ x 35.5″ x 18.5″, and its Weight: 70lbs.

Pay attention that the crossbar’s height is 18 in, and the load capacity is 622 liters (5-7 pairs of skis or 3-5 snowboards). This cargo box has Power-click mounting system (easy to install the box to your vehicle) and a central lock locking system. Its weight is 52 lb.

There’s no lack of choice when we talk about Thule roof boxes with the 2 main model ranges being the Motion and the Force – available in several sizes up to XXL for those who need serious cargo space. We highly recommend this cargo box. If you only need your cargo box a few times a year, we recommend the Thule Force XT Sport because it is a nice choice as an occasional roof box. It’s strong, well-made, and secure. Plus, the 300 liter of space is very practical, although the PowerClick adjusters are intruding somewhat. It’s exactly what you expect from Thule.

Rooftop carriers come in different sizes, different colors, different features, and different purposes. Most of the carriers come with great quality and waterproof materials, which make them excellent for longer life. The good news is that each rooftop carriers have a given volume to choose from depending on the capacity of items you wish to carry. The Honda Odyssey roof box is no different.

Additionally, some of them are equipped with side straps, which make them easy to protect on the side of the car. This suggests that the bag will stay on the rooftop even when traveling at higher speeds.

We advise you to use the included straps to protect the carrier. Avoid items damage by keeping the items inside the carrier strapped down. Never forget that soft-shelled rooftop cargo carriers should be stored properly when they are not used. Be aware of the roof clearance when you are entering parking garages in order to avoid damage the cargo carrier on top of the vehicle.

When you open the cargo carrier, don’t rush and do it in the correct way – never force it open from another side to avoid accidents and damage.

Have a nice trip, and always keep the carrier clean by washing away any dirt or that may have settled inside and on the exterior.


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