Home Buying Guide Best Honda Civic Roofbox Guide (2021)

Best Honda Civic Roofbox Guide (2021)


Adding an additional 18 cubic feet of space to your vehicle, the 3D MAXpider cargo box comes with a three-year warranty and offers an eco-friendly option for drivers who need additional space and want something both inexpensive and high in quality.

This cargo box has a streamlined design and is extra lightweight, making it super-easy to install and remove. You can even fold it quickly for easy storage and rely on its anti-slide capabilities to make sure it never damages the top of your vehicle.

SportRack Vista XL Cargo Box

The Vista XL provides an additional 18 cubic feet of storage space for your vehicle, and its UV-resistant ABS materials make for a very sturdy cargo carrier regardless of what you’re planning on storing there.

The perfect Honda Civic roof box, the Vista XL offers a rear opening that lets you use it away from traffic, and it includes a complete mounting kit that makes installing it both easy and fast. At 42 lbs. and a size of 17.25” x 63” x 38”, its sleek design will attract attention, but of course, that’s not what you’ll appreciate about it the most.

Thule Sidekick Roof Cargo Box

This cargo carrier offers a space-saving look and an aerodynamic design that even helps you save money on your fuel bills. Available in a neutral grey color, the Sidekick has a load capacity of 75 lbs. and offers passenger-side loading that makes it convenient and safe to load your carrier.

A sturdy carrier built to last a very long time, the Sidekick cargo box costs a lot less than you might think and can withstand the elements better than a lot of other rooftop carriers, making it very useful indeed.

INNO Ridge Series Cargo Box

The BRA240BK cargo box comes in a sharp-looking glossy black color and provides an additional 8 cubic feet of space for your vehicle. It can fit aerodynamic, round, and square roof racks and even comes with a lifetime warranty.

It makes a great Honda Civic roof box because of its size and design, and it can also fit vehicles of many other sizes, including some SUVs and minivans. If you’re looking for a long-lasting and sturdy cargo box, look no further than the INNO Ridge.

Yakima RocketBox Pro Cargo Carrier

Perfect for sedans, SUVs, and minivans, the RocketBox Pro quickly adds 14 cubic feet of space to your vehicle and allows you to add luggage and equipment so that these things won’t have to go in your car.

It is aerodynamically designed for less drag and lower fuel bills, and it even provides you with a quiet, whistle-free ride to your destination. This cargo carrier fits most roof racks and even has a locking system to ensure you that your items are always safe and secure.

Thule 615 Pulse Cargo Carrier

This brand of cargo carrier is available in 11-, 14-, and 16-cubic-feet options, and its ABS materials mean your items will always be well-protected and your carrier will last for many years to come. It even comes with a locking system that ensures the items will never fall out of your car while you’re traveling.

If you need a cargo carrier that is both sturdy and attractive, the Pulse carrier is it. It is a great Honda Civic roof box, but it can fit many other vehicles as well, including other makes, models, and designs.

Rhino Rack Master-Fit Cargo Box

If you’re looking for a cargo carrier with a sleek, modern design, look no further than the Master-Fit cargo box. It provides an additional 14 cubic feet of space and comes in a very attractive glossy black design that will match your vehicle regardless of what color it is.

The metallic finish ensures it can withstand the elements, and its three-point locking system will keep your items safe and secure regardless of your final destination. It even comes with an aerodynamic design that can save you on your fuel bills!

Yakima SkyBox Rooftop Carrier

Made out of sturdy carbonite and designed to last for many years to come, the SkyBox can fit sedans, SUVs, and even minivans. One of its many advantages is that it can be installed without tools, making installation a breeze even for people who aren’t mechanically inclined.

It comes with a locking system for extra security, and the dual-side opening allows you to add or remove items from either side of the vehicle. This is a great-looking and high-quality cargo carrier that you’ll be able to use for a very long time.

Thule Force XT Roof Cargo Box

The Force XT cargo carrier can be installed quickly without tools and has a sleek design that others are sure to notice. It comes in many different sizes and therefore can accommodate not only sedans such as the Honda Civic, but also many SUVs and minivans.

The load capacity is a whopping 165 lbs. and its neutral black color will look great regardless of the color of your vehicle. It makes a great Honda Civic roof box and is built to last for many years to come.

INNO BRA1210BK Shadow 16 Low-Profile Cargo Box

Adding an additional 11 cubic feet of storage space to your vehicle, the Shadow 16 can be installed quickly and easily, thanks in part to the mounting hardware that comes with it. It is made with a dual-side opening for convenience and its diffuser design makes for a much quieter ride to your destination.

It accommodates a lot of items such as luggage, skis, and fishing gear, and its sleek design makes it look like you are enjoying something that came from the future.

INNO 660 Wedge Roof Mount Cargo Box

Available in white, black, and glossy black, the Wedge 660 is both sturdy and attractive, and it is available in 11-, 13-, and 14-cubic-foot sizes. It offers a universal crossbar compatibility and is made very thick and sturdy, guaranteeing its ability to withstand the elements year after year.

A perfect Honda Civic roof box, the Wedge cargo box can be installed quickly, has a locking system that ensures your items are safe and secure during your travels, and can hold up to eight pairs of skis or four snowboards.


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